The 10 Best ‘Rick and Morty’ Guest Stars

Originally published with Paste Magazine on January 15, 2016.

Each episode of Rick and Morty is a treasure unto itself. Drawing upon co-creator Dan Harmon’s penchant for cultural references, coupled with co-creator Justin Roiland’s skill for characters, the cartoon has fun in all kinds of ways. Its sci-fi angle and smart humor make it the kind of cartoon you only wished you’d experienced on Saturday mornings as a kid.

As if it’s not enough that the show’s central characters comprise a well-rounded (if dysfunctional) family backbone that allows each episode to go off into worlds unknown, there are some fabulous guest stars to boot. The show has had all manner of comedian take part in its off-the-wall fun, including David Letterman, David Cross, Dana Carvey, Nathan Fielder and Gary Cole. There have been some legendary appearances over the course of the show’s first two seasons. Here are the ten best guest stars to appear on Rick and Morty.

[Full list available at Paste Magazine.]

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