10 Stand-Up Comics Who Deserve Their Own TV Show

Originally published with Paste Magazine on September 2, 2015.

Jerrod Carmichael’s new NBC sitcom might be a potential hit, but not everyone can make the leap from stage to small screen. Sometimes what works well in a stand-up set doesn’t land the same punch when translated to a TV project. Just look at John Mulaney. The problem is trying to fit comics into a format or setting that doesn’t fit their specific voice or sense of humor. Mulaney might be a fairly traditional stand-up comedian, but he has a playful, irreverent streak that sets him apart, and that wasn’t reflected in his clunky, old-fashioned sitcom. That’s not to say anotherSeinfeld or Roseanne are impossible, though. And with the plethora of cable channels desperate for content, and broadened horizons for quirky and provocative styles of comedy, there’s ample opportunity for today’s top comics to move to TV. Here are 10 comics poised to make the leap to TV stardom, be it in sketch, a sitcom or something truly unique a la Louie. [Full article available at Paste]



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