Another Period Review: “Funeral”

Originally published with Paste Magazine on July 8, 2015.

It’s two steps forward and one step back for Another Period. Whatever progress last week’s episode made—with turns both character developing and comedic—the show misspends it with “Funeral.” No amount of Rich Fulcher (who drunkenly plays Mark Twain, replete with a handful of impertinent one-liners) or Tim Heidecker (who plays Hal Carnegie—think Carnegie Hall) can save what follows.

Having paid off their husbands to disappear, Lillian and Beatrice now throw a funeral. The massive spectacle is less about mourning their husbands’ “deaths” than a chance to make new matches. Or at least it is in Lillian’s case; Beatrice is still content with her brother Frederick. [Full article available at Paste]


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