Bill Hader’s 10 Best SNL Characters

Originally published with Paste Magazine on August 26, 2015.

Young, old, gay, straight, quirky or sincere, Bill Hader can play it all, and he often did over his eight-year run at SNL. Hader slowly carved out his own path, becoming a fan favorite for his uncanny impressions and hilarious original characters. Like a small number of the show’s alums before him, Hader kept his ear attuned to comedy and drama, each influencing the other to some extent. The result is his comedy exhibits a seriousness and his drama has a tinge of dark humor about it. Thanks to that range, he’s managed to avoid Hollywood’s unfortunate tendency to typecast and therefore limit talent to one particular role ad nauseam. Playing serious with a smirk opposite Kristen Wiig in The Skeleton Twins and funny with an underlying earnestness in this summer’s blockbuster Trainwreck, Hader has repeatedly shown off his talent for all manner of projects on the big screen. Venturing back to the show where audiences learned all about his comedic ability, here are his 10 best characters from SNL. [Full article available at Paste]

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