Buku Music + Art Project 2016 Festival Review

Originally published with Consequence of Sound on March 14, 2016.

The inclement weather couldn’t dampen the crowd’s spirits as hundreds arrived on Friday afternoon in a puddle-strewn lot to enter the 2016 Buku Music + Arts Project. The lines to get through the entryway crawled thanks in part to the sheer volume of people, a growing number of the 30,000 set to attend the sold-out two-day festival. Chattering excitedly, the millennial generation’s younger members betrayed just how much this burgeoning event has come to mean to them. “It’s Buku! It’s Buku, baby!” a young twentysomething wearing a fake fur jacket over a bra and thong exclaimed to her friends, two girls in similar attire. Those in line sported comparable costumes, the kind of garb expressing individuality through a mélange of clothing accented with neon colors, sparkles and more.

[Full review at Consequence of Sound.]

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