CoSign: Monobody

Originally published with Consequence of Sound on October 17, 2015.

From the outset, Chicago instrumental quintet Monobody orchestrates a carefully controlled chaos. Welding together post-rock, math rock, jazz fusion, electronica, and even prog, the band creates Frankenstein’s monsters that can’t conform to any one style because they’re too busy greedily taking from so many.

That greed has less to do with the band’s unwillingness to edit and more with the fact that their eclectic musical tastes run so deep. They work like a Venn diagram: List all the musical components you can think of, and you’ll find Monobody in the middle. “I think everyone’s goal, or personally the goal for me as a musician, is to find that area where all of those things intersect,” says guitarist Conor Mackey. “Being able to find that central location ends up being your voice.” [Full article available at Consequence of Sound]

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