Digestible Feminism: Iliza Shlesinger on Comedy and ‘Separation Anxiety’

Originally published with Paste Magazine on March 7, 2016.

Iliza Shlesinger is an incredibly physical comedian. In recounting the things women do (think Pinterest obsessions, barely eating in front of a date and going out with the gals), she isn’t afraid to strip away the restricting layers society places around how they should look, act and sound, and get a little weird. Scratch that, get a lot weird.

Shlesinger inhabits her comedy, hyperbolizing it with voices, mannerisms and more. She explodes women’s behavior, taking it down at times to an animalistic form, like when she turns into a hangry man-eating lizard, or when she talks about her inner party goblin who only emerges at the first sip of alcohol. For those reasons, she’s almost closer to a character actor than a traditional stand-up comedian; she produces a tangible type of comedy that punctuates her verbal beats by calling attention to all the ways women comport themselves, and the underlying humor entrenched in each minute action.

[Full article available at Paste Magazine.]

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