Interview with Aaron Dessner

Originally published with Consequence of Sound on July 20, 2015.

One day before Eaux Claires, Aaron Dessner took some time to speak with Amanda Wicks about the reason behind organizing a music festival in Justin Vernon’s backyard, in addition to commenting on his own collaborative projects.

You’re quite the festival producer right now between Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and Boston Calling. What is it about these types of events that fuels your creative spirit?

My brother and I grew up playing music together, and playing little bits on the guitar from the time we were kids, and so our music has always been a product of collaboration, and that kind of grew as we started to play with more musicians. I think some of our most favorite musical experiences have come out of these communal experiences with friends. Even from when we were kids that was sort of the way we socialized, hanging out and playing music. At camp or after school or whatever. So I think it’s just a natural extension of that. I think it allows you to get outside of the routine of touring and playing the same songs in a different city everyday. [Full article available at Consequence of Sound]


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