Label Profile: Dualtone Records

Originally published with Bandcamp on June 27, 2016.

As an indie label based out of Nashville, Dualtone’s catalog tends to favor the musical styles that dominate the city. Classic country, folk, and the singer-songwriter tradition, are all represented, but the artists and bands on the label’s roster don’t stick to those categories as a hard and fast rule. They play within them and between them, adding nuance, novelty, and even a touch of nostalgia. As a result, Dualtone’s roster feels like carefully-chosen color swatches: all of the artists fall within the same spectrum, but each one offers a different shade. Operating since 2001, Dualtone opts for quality over quantity. Lumineers’ frontman Wesley Schultz told the Nashville Scene in 2013 that Dualtone helps develop “delicate” sounds, and the description is apt. The music is delicate not because it’s dainty, but because it reaches beyond commercialization and commodification for something demonstrating sincerity.

That sincerity stems, in part, from the label’s hands-off approach when it comes to each artist’s creative process. Will McDonald, Director of A&R and Marketing, says, “Most of the time, our bands like to keep us out of the creative process, which we’re totally happy to do. Most of our bands have the mindset of, ‘We’ll send it to you when it’s done.’ And it’s worked out really well. They trust us to handle their music with care and expose it to a wider audience, and we trust them to make it.”

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