Mandolin Orange Carry On the Rambling Tradition

A nomadic impulse hums through the very heartbeat of American music, and, by extension, its newer occurrence of Americana. Many a name, from Merle Haggard to Miranda Lambert, have sung about the rambling spirit that fuels life’s journey, making it downright impossible sometimes to stay, and Mandolin Orange is no stranger among that company. With Blindfaller, the indie folk duo’s fourth studio album, rambling as a subject matter returns again and again. Andrew Marlin serves as the principal songwriter with Emily Frantz adding in harmonies both vocal and instrumental. The two native North Carolinians first met at a jam session in 2009, and with Marlin on guitar and Frantz on fiddle, they create woozy, tender folk songs that bleed at turns and soar at others. [Full article at Paste.]

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