Paula McLain’s Glorious Tale of an Aviatrix ‘Circling the Sun’

Originally published with Barnes & Noble on July 29, 2015.

When you think “female aviator”—or “aviatrix,” as they are sometimes called, a delicious descriptor if ever one existed—chances are Amelia Earhart comes to mind. The dearth of well-known women pilots charging through gender barriers and stultifying period restrictions doesn’t mean they didn’t exist, but simply that so few of them were well-known.

Aviatrix Beryl Markham, the subject of Paula McLain’s Circling the Sun, is no household name, despite becoming the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in 1936. She flew east to west in a journey that began in England and ended in Nova Scotia. This accomplishment alone warrants attention, but Markham had many more to her name. [Full article available at Barnes & Noble]


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