The 20 Best Kids in the Hall Sketches

Originally published by Paste Magazine on May 29, 2015

Narrowing down Kids in the Hall’s five seasons into a short list of twenty best sketches is no easy feat. The cult show created a seemingly endless supply of memorable characters, from Cabbage Head to the Hookers, and bits like “Thirty Helens Agree” to “It’s a Fact.” On top of those well-known classics, the show boasted numerous fan favorites like “Girl Drink Drunk,” “Gavin & the Evangelists” and the dark, damp “Love and Sausages.” But these sketches are already out there, sitting atop many “best of” lists.

The sheer difficulty involved only goes to show what Kids in the Hall offers viewers: A completely distinct comedic voice that mines the everyday for its offbeat undercurrent. Whether it’s boardrooms or dinner dates, blue-collar workers or a family gathered around their dinner table, Kids in the Hall works best when focusing on average moments, situations and people and revealing their true absurdity. Call it anti-establishment, shirking the mainstream or simply paying attention, but the troupe remains keenly attuned to life’s quirks. Here are twenty sketches in no particular order that showcase their oddball sense of humor at its prime. [Full article available at Paste]



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