The Hard Work of Being Chill: A Conversation with the Lucas Bros.

At first glance, Kenny and Keith Lucas, aka the Lucas Bros, seem quintessentially chill. In fact, if “chill factor” existed on a scale, there’s little doubt which end they would occupy. Their laidback demeanor, wry delivery and sedate expressions all work together to suggest two guys who simply can’t be bothered. But in actuality being that chill takes a lot of work. “You gotta smoke a lot of weed,” Kenny laughs. “You gotta see a therapist. It’s the combination of the two.” And, it turns out, read a great deal of philosophy. Kenny’s favorite philosopher happens to be John Stuart Mill, while Keith reveals a preference for Bertrand Russell. “We’re currently reading A History of Western Philosophy, and he examines things in such a dialectical way,” says Keith. Reading Russell’s tome might sound like a heavy (and heady) task for two comedians who crack wise about Space Jam and Bret “The Hitman” Hart in between their more meditative moments about the criminal justice system, but the philosophy they studied in college has stuck with them. [Full article available on Paste.]

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