The Kids in the Hall: Better Together

Originally published with Paste Magazine on May 26, 2015.

Get all five members of The Kids in the Hall in the same room to talk about their particular comedic voice, and it becomes a matter of show and tell. Their telling becomes a show. “My wife says everything we touch turns to cult, which I don’t know is a compliment,” Bruce McCulloch says earnestly. Dave Foley immediately follows with a wisecrack, “My wife says, ‘We’re divorced, stop calling me your wife!’” Scott Thompson serves as the proverbial cymbal to complete their rimshot, “And my wife says, ‘Why can’t you get it up?!’”

The troupe riffs. A lot. Kevin McDonald’s answer becomes Mark McKinney’s line becomes Thompson’s bit and then suddenly a sketch is born in a matter of seconds. They’re quick-witted, aptly progressing off one another in the direction of funny. It’s this kind of improvisational play, and the complete freedom to go where the comedic wind takes them, that continues to make KITH such a lasting voice. “I actually think we all are kind of punks,” McCulloch says. “Were and still are. Obviously we think the world is kind of silly and fucked, and all that, I guess, comes out in our stuff.” [Full article available at Paste]


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