The Nomadic Singer Stills Her Wild Heart: A Conversation with Bedouine

Like her appellation, Bedouine (Azniv Korkejian) has wandered far from where she first began. The nomadic impulses beating at the heart of her chosen stage name carried her from her birthplace in Syria to her self-described home in Saudi Arabia as a child and later to the United States, where she continued shuffling from Boston to Houston to Lexington to Savannah, and eventually Los Angeles. But with that kind of existence forming the bedrock of her identity, and the mystery — not to mention magic — of new places constantly calling, what does it take to stay? Nothing really so romantic, really. Just a choice. Thanks to the artistic community she eventually found in her most recent adopted city, Korkejian has sacrificed the wild call of the road to instead see whether or not the old adage about blooming where you’re planted holds salt … for now.

Read the full article at The Bluegrass Situation.

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