Why is Late-Night So Friendly Now?

Originally published with Paste Magazine on October 14, 2015.

When Stephen Colbert debuted on The Late Show in early September, he did something rather extraordinary for late-night: he played nice with his rivals. After taking a seat at his new desk, Colbert showed off his new mega-screens, flipping from station to station until he landed on Jimmy Fallon hosting The Tonight Show. Colbert “interrupted” him, the two exchanged pleasantries and that was that. Right from the get-go they showed viewers how different things would be—how different they would be—from what had come before.

Whether on The Tonight Show, The Late Show or even Jimmy Kimmel Live!, things have never seemed friendlier in the late-night arena, so much so that TV critics have already begun decreeing the end of the late-night TV war. [Full article available at Paste]

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