Greetings! And welcome to my website.

If we can ascribe meaning to our earliest years (and why can’t we?) then I like to think my love of music first began when my dad placed his chunky headphones over my ears at a mere 10 months old and played The Beatles. Music always abounded in our house, be it from my parents’ stereo or my dad’s piano. As a result, music always meant something more to me than fun background noise; music was a soundtrack to life itself, a creative force that at its best revealed what it meant to be.

It wasn’t until much later that I really developed my musical palette. My interest in listening outside the mainstream began in college and really took off once I started listening to and collecting vinyl. Finding records that weren’t accessible via iTunes or Spotify (which wasn’t yet a thing) propelled me creatively, and I found myself surrounded by truly unique music from the world over.

That attention to listening – that particular ear so necessary when it comes to writing about music – helped me when I moved to Louisiana for grad school. While there, I began noticing a special group of singer-songwriters playing around Baton Rouge, each talented in their own way, and each dedicated to fostering a collaborative (rather than a competitive) musical environment. I started profiling these musicians for area magazine, 225 Magazine, and from there my path seemed set. No matter where I went, I made a point to find musicians doing something a little different, and write about them. From covering local music scenes and the musicians who play them, to interviewing more prominent, national musicians, I have an ear hungry for something that stops listeners in their tracks. As I like to say, I’m forever seeking sound.

A blank page holds the promise of a story worth telling; I excel at discovering, researching, and crafting such stories. Whether it’s a feature, profile, interview, or review, I find refreshing ways to write about musicians, their music, and the live shows that highlight their talent. My overall aim involves gaining increased exposure for musicians, as well as furthering the connection that exists between magazines, websites, or blogs, and their readers.

Please take a moment to peruse the articles I’ve published, which range from interviews to features to profiles to reviews, and highlight my local and national coverage.

Thank you for your time.